Tax ServicesOur core focus is providing personal and small business tax preparation and planning, personal financial planning, and small business consulting in an accurate and timely manner.  These are challenging times for most people and the complexity of the tax and financial environment we’re faced with has never been greater. We enjoy what we do—helping people solve problems and plan effectively and well for the future. We would like the opportunity to speak with you about your needs for assistance in our areas of practice.  Please click on the tabs under “Our Services” to learn more about what we do and how our services may be what you’re looking for.  Thanks!

Our Services:

The questions about your taxes and the tax issues you face can be complex.  How often do you ask yourself—

  • "Am I doing my taxes correctly?"
  • "Who can do my taxes and can I reduce the amount of income tax I currently pay?"
  • “How will the new tax laws affect me and how much more or less will I have to pay?”

The tax services we provide include—

  • Preparing your personal and/or small business income tax returns and helping you to ethically minimize your income tax liabilities
  • Helping you plan for the impact of tax law changes 
  • Performing year end and multi-year personal and business tax projections
  • Planning for the tax aspects of purchases, sales, dispositions and other financial transactions
  • Family tax planning
  • Planning for the tax aspects of divorce
  • Tax authority dispute resolution
  • Net operating loss carrybacks and carry forwards
  • Amended Federal and State income tax returns
  • Multi-State income tax returns

Successfully establishing, growing and maintaining a small business are challenging and rewarding activities.  Each has its own issues and requirements.  At some point, almost every business owner asks such questions as:

  • "Is my business the right one for me?  Is it in line with my skills, background and resources?”
  •  "What form of organization should my new business take?"
  • "What can I do to grow my business while maintaining and enhancing profitability?"
  • “I need help with financial, marketing and/or operational strategy!  Where can I get it?”

It's nearly impossible for you to be good at all aspects of managing your business.  Our services will help you meet your personal tax responsibilities and plan effectively for your business’s future

In planning for your business, We’ll help you establish an organized approach to:

  • Set up your business
  • Establish realistic financial goals
  • Identify the right strategies to achieve those goals
  • Take the steps necessary to implement the strategies
  • Monitor your progress
  • Update your strategies when your goals or circumstances change.

Tax Compliance

We will prepare your business tax returns making use of Intuit’s cutting edge professional use tax preparation software, ProSeries.  Using ProSeries facilitates efficiency and accuracy, particularly for small businesses using QuickBooks to keep their books and to generate their financial statements.  This is because QuickBooks, also an Intuit product, and ProSeries have well engineered and reliable data import/export interface features.

We can prepare your business’s tax returns, irrespective of the form of organization you use:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • LLC
  • S Corporation
  • C Corporation Partnership
  • Non-Profit
  • Muti-state

Bookkeeping and Payroll

As you proceed with running and growing your business you may wish to outsource such activities as bookkeeping and payroll.  We can offer you a full range of QuickBooks™ Online™-based bookkeeping services on a monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis.

While we do not perform payroll services, we have an alliance with Moneywise Payroll Solutions, the area’s premier payroll accounting services firm, and can facilitate defining and implementing the right package of payroll services for your company through Moneywise.

Risk Management Consulting Services

Assessing and addressing business risk takes many forms, none as fundamental as establishing, reviewing and testing your business’s system of internal controls.  While this fundamental task is important for any business, no matter how small, risk management often encompasses much more.  It begins with setting business objectives at all levels to achieve strategic goals, and proceeds to risk identification, qualitative and quantitative measurement, risk response  (e.g., avoid, transfer, mitigate, accept), including cost/benefit analysis and implementation of risk mitigation plans.

With an early but extensive background in providing assurance services at EY and by virtue of becoming, recently, a CRMA® professional, I can guide you through this process efficiently and meaningfully.

Questions about Your Financial Future?
The questions about your financial future are complex.  How often do you ask yourself:

  • "What can I do today to plan for a comfortable retirement?"
  • "What investment return should I expect?”
  • "Do I have enough insurance to protect my family?  Do I have too much?"
  • "How can I keep more of what I earn?"

It's nearly impossible for you to individually monitor the volatile financial markets, changing tax laws, and other developments comprising personal finances.  Our services will help you meet today’s complex financial challenges and plan effectively for your financial future.

In planning your financial future, We’ll establish an organized approach to using your financial resources to achieve financial peace of mind.  Financial planning is more than financial products.  It’s an array of services designed to guide in—

  • Defining goals
  •  Identifying strategies to achieve those goals
  • Taking the steps necessary to implement the strategies
  • Monitoring your progress
  • Updating your plan when your goals or circumstances change

The specific financial planning services we provide include:

  • Retirement planning
  • Cash flow analysis and budgeting
  • Insurance adequacy planning
  • Education funding
  • Estate and gift planning
  • Personal financial goal identification, quantification, and funding